Useful Water Treatment & Bottled Water Links

     Water is the most essential element of life.  In fact the human body is 70% water. Unfortunately not all water is the same.  The quality of tap water can vary significantly.  Even municipal water supplies may contain chemicals, bacteria or parasites.

     Your family deserves the best tasting, purest water for drinking and cooking and cleaning.

     At AquaSource we offer the very best quality purified mountain water processed in our state of the art government inspected plant in Canmore. Take a look at the latest in stand-up water cooler designs.

     Trust AquaSource with your water treatment needs, you can be certain you are getting the latest, most reliable cost efficient products on the market backed by the best in home warranty service anywhere. Because we manufacture the majority of our water treatment products we can offer the best value by eliminating the middlemen. And with no expensive showroom, no commissioned sales people and no national advertising budget only AquaSource can bring you true discount water treatment prices. Prices so low we’re not afraid to show you, come on in for a look. We look forward to helping you enjoy the benefits of pure, soft, filtered water. Thank you for your interest.

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